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Why Should I Invest in Yoga Teacher Training?

There is an endless list of benefits to yoga teacher training. Students who attend Yoga University are looking to embark on this journey to help deepen their practice, learn how to pass on the beauty of yoga through teaching, and experience a metamorphic transformation within.

Top 10 reasons for taking teacher training at Yoga University:

  1. 9 Months of Free Yoga classes for our 290 Hour Programs
  2. Discount on all of our retail and yoga props, as well on all of our workshops and events
  3. You will experience an incredible amount of personal growth (physical, emotional, and spiritual)
  4. Ability to deepen your yoga practice and expand your yoga perspective
  5. Learn how to teach yoga and not just memorize poses
  6. Understand the benefit of poses to the body and be able to translate that unto yourself and others
  7. Understand the connection of breath and movement, as well on how to properly use props and adjust your students
  8. Embark in a new career that helps others in various ways
  9. Learn the philosophy and history of yoga
  10. Join a strong and embracing community where you can make lifelong connections


Explore Our Trainings

For Yogis looking to begin their teacher training journey, please review the information within the 290 Hour Hatha Training and the 290 Hour Vinyasa Training, these are two different styles and both offer their own incredible value. For yogis who have already completed the 290 Hour Teacher Training, please continue on to our 670 Hour Yoga Training.

290 Hour Hatha Training

First Level of Yoga Certification

290 Hour Vinyasa Training

First Level of Yoga Certification

670 Hour Yoga Training

Higher Level of Yoga Certification